Superhero Boys

Art from Arendelle High’s Chapter 19, superheroes boys!

Finally we saw the heroes of each of the boys! and I agree that it would be better Kristoff like Hulk 😛 but it’s ok, Elsa and he are best friends and ironically the idea of ​​Superman and Batman looks good

Elsa; Superman: Of course no, SUPERMAN is #1, Now let me go!
Kristoff; Batman: BATMAN is the Best. Strong as me!
Eric; Spiderman: Come on, bro, put me down now! Spiderman could beat Batman with his bare hands!
Flynn; Wolverine: Pff! WOLVERINE is the BEST hero of all time. And Kristoff, I saw you more as a Hulk kinda guy!
Aladdin; Flash: Fact is, no matter how power he is, no one comes even close to…The Flash.

PD: Personally I always imagined Flynn as Ironman, for cocky and narcissistic Hahahaha


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